| Anonymous seductively whispered: Wow u left the fandom? Talking about how much you love Tom and tweet and shit. Wow.

yes i left the fandom lmao so what ????? i still love him :-) what’s ur problem m8

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| Anonymous seductively whispered: Wait what was your Tom url


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Ariana Grande on Power 106Fm Radio

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| Anonymous seductively whispered: What kind of blog are you turning this into?

i don’t know i don’t think i’ll change it i’ll just leave it inactive because i have another blog to run

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| Anonymous seductively whispered: you've left the fandom, fuck off with your tom edits tbh

oh okay o k a Y              o          k            a               y

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or wait maybe i’ll just keep it to myself

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does anyone want this blog? i’m thinking of giving it away

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Omg look!!!! Fetus Jack

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just posting my twitlonger to tumblr if you ever wonder why i’m not on this blog anymore xxx

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That’s me Chris is smiling at!

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Tom Daley’s abdominal muscles appreciation.

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